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Our Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course is not your average programme. It will not only help you impact the next generation in a meaningful way, it will also support you in your personal and business development journey. What sets this training apart is its comprehensive approach and the hybrid learning format. Led by experienced Somatic therapists, Yoga teachers, and successful business owners, Clare Bhalla & Heidi Kempeneer, this course is a comprehensive curriculum blending expertise, creativity, and business acumen to nurture your teaching skills and positively impact the lives of children and families.

You will learn the foundations of childhood development, anatomy and how to adapt Yoga practice to benefit younger audiences – and that’s just the beginning. You will learn how to approach Children’s Yoga in a Trauma-Informed way – understanding the importance of Choice and Empowerment and how to take this from theory to practice. From a Business Perspective, you will learn how to incorporate Children’s Yoga in different ways to help you to diversify your offering to attract more and different clients, helping you to stand out in the competitive sphere of Children’s Activities, as well as have a healthy impact on your business’s success. Throughout the course, you’ll gain hands-on experience and learn practical teaching methods that go beyond theory, preparing you not only for group classes but also for specialized sessions like Children’s Yoga Birthday parties, holiday Yoga camps, and Family Yoga classes.

The hybrid learning structure of the course is designed to offer you maximum flexibility without compromising on quality. Our 5-month course is structured around monthly online modules, interactive live video calls and concluding with a 3-day dynamic live training module for real-world practice and assessment. The course kicks-off in June 2024 and finishes in October 2024 at a cost of CHF 995.

The Hybrid curriculum includes:

  • 5 Online Modules, to complete in your own time each month. Each module includes an assignment and an online assessment to complete before proceeding with the next module.
    • Module 1: Yoga Philosophy & Children’s Anatomy
    • Module 2: Young Children: understanding childhood development stages + teaching methodology
    • Module 3: Pre-Teens: understanding childhood development stages + teaching methodology
    • Module 4: Teens: understanding childhood development stages + teaching methodology
    • Module 5: Children’s yoga through a trauma-informed lens + Yoga as a Business
  • Monthly live video calls with the trainers and fellow course participants to review each specific module
  • A 3-day Live training module in Geneva for practical training, teaching real children’s yoga classes, final assessment and graduation celebration. This module will take place on October 25-27, 2024.

In this in-depth course you will learn to teach and guide the next generation to connect with their bodies, learn important mobility and coordination skills for healthy development, understand and respect their own and others’ boundaries, learn about emotions and grow their vocabulary to be able to name their feelings and communicate their needs, gain tools to regulate their nervous system through movement, breath and relaxation for improved concentration, focus and creativity. And all of this by using the tools of yoga: movement, breath, relaxation and meditation – in a fun, interactive and creative way.

This course is designed for experienced yoga practitioners who work with children professionally, such as teachers, social workers, youth workers, and childcare workers. It is also perfect for certified yoga teachers looking to extend their offerings to a younger audience. With this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to bring the benefits of yoga to children in your community.

Join us in shaping a healthier and happier future for the next generation through the transformative power of Children’s Yoga.

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