Our partners provide us services and products to assist in making your experience serene and enjoyable. Go check them out!

Green Wheel Coffee

Green Wheel is a Swiss company with a Colombian heritage. They provide us with the extraordinary taste of some of Colombia’s best and freshest coffees whilst creating a sustainable and fair business where producers can feel truly rewarded for the quality they produce and for the income they receive.

Flying Valerie

Flying Valerie

If you join a class at Flying Valerie, you will be challenged and energised. You’ll rediscover your centre and feel better in your body. Flying Valerie is a boutique studio offering small classes (a maximum of 8 people) in two different locations, in the cosy towns of Arzier and Begnins. Come enjoy intuitive teaching, personalised attention and hands-on instruction.

While you can always choose a Flying Valerie session that stays rooted to the earth, I encourage you to give flying yoga a try. To me, the yoga swing offers the perfect combination of everything I love in life: yoga and playfulness, the feeling of flying, freedom in movement.


Swiss Blue

On display and available for purchase at Raison d’Hêtre.

Modern and understated jewellery, handcrafted in Switzerland and inspired by the tranquil colours of the Swiss lakes.

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